A downloadable game

Unfinished and buggy ;-(

LEAP ARENA demonstrates that the virtual hand controlled by Leap Motion Controller can be an important part of the virtual scene and the gameplay.

  • fully utilizes the finger and palm position tracking technology.
  • provides full immersion of the player into the virtual environment. It means that changes in the physical world originate reactions of the object Ai/Animation systems.

So the virtual hand controlled by user directly interacts not only with physical world objects but with the autonomous AI driven characters and flying drones as well.

  • consists of three type of physical objects: pillars, stones and crates
  • consists of flying drones: Every drone reacts to the user's commands to realize the desired behavior, tries to avoid to other drones and virtual hand, tries following the index finger, etc.
  • consists of autonomous characters: Every character reacts to the user's commands to realize the desired behavior, avoids to all obstacles, to all characters and virtual hand

Leap Arena is an unfinished technology sandbox, so feel free to play.....

Install instructions

1. Requirements

LEAP ARENA was developed and tested on the following machine: Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit system, DirectX 11,Intel Core i7-3640QM CPU 2.40 GHz, RAM 8.00 GB, Nvidia Quadro K1000M

Full screen update frequency is 60 Hz at this configuration. LEAP ARENA should run on all similar or better machines with Windows 7 or 8.

2. Installation

Just unpack LeapArena.zip file to any folder, read readme file and run LeapArena.exe!

Now just hold your hands 15 cm (6 inch) above your Leap Motion controller. Your handd will be teleported into the middle of the virtual arena soon...

3. Control

Use left or right index finger to interact with transparent menus (red selection rectangle):

ADD/REMOVE - add/remove object

  • stone
  • crate
  • pillar
  • character
  • drone

DRONE - select drone behavior

  • random - fly on random line paths with random speed
  • circular - fly on circular path with
  • following - create line formation on the tip of your right index finger
  • swap - create line formation and fly from right to left index finger and vice versa

CHARACTER - select character behavior

  • random - walk on random line paths with random speed (try to avoid obstacles and hands)
  • wait - slow down and stop
  • jump - jump to hand body (not implemented, in development)
  • walk - walk on hand from finger to finger (not implemented, in development)


LeapArena.7z 97 MB